Substitute for Corn Syrup

It’s hard to substitute certain components when it comes to cooking, baking, and candy making since they are essential to the process. Light corn syrup, on the other hand, maybe substituted with a variety of other components and still provide outstanding results.

How to Make Light Corn Syrup in Place of Regular Corn Syrup

Karo Syrup states that the light kind, which is made with genuine vanilla, has a mild, sweet taste that is typically pleasant. When producing candy, finding a replacement to the component may not be viable, even if it may readily be replaced in many baked products and baked goods in general.

What Exactly Is Corn Syrup, and How Does It Work?

Corn syrup, as you would expect, is derived from corn, in a similar fashion to how maple syrup is derived from maple trees. Perhaps it was squeezed from the kernels, filtered, and then cooked down to a sticky-sweet consistency. if you find light corn syrup in some store then don’t confuse its just more refined form of corn syrup for better taste. But this is not the case. Bad, wrong, and more wrong.

The year was 1811, and Kirchhoff a German scientist was hunched over the cauldron trying desperately not to get sulfuric acid in his beard.

Cornstarch was added to the cauldron along with the acid and water to make a paste. Within an hour, Kirchhoff would have accomplished culinary alchemy: he would have hydrolyzed the flavorless, chalky cornstarch into golden-sweet glucose by combining heat, pressure, and acid.

Nowadays, corn syrup manufacturers dispense with the use of acid and instead rely on a variety of enzymes (the process is much friendlier on the beard). The enzyme alpha-amylase, which is derived from bacteria, is introduced to a cornstarch solution, causing the starch to be broken down into oligosaccharides.

A second enzyme, glucoamylase, secreted by molds of the genus Aspergillus (which includes koji), is added to break down the oligosaccharides into glucose. This is followed by fermentation. Corn syrup is made in two ways: light corn syrup is made with glucose syrup and vanilla extract, while dark corn syrup is made with molasses, salt, and caramel color. Application of still another bacterial enzyme, D-xylose isomerase, is required for the production of high-fructose corn syrup.

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If you have sulfuric acid on hand, or if you are growing a variety of molds and germs in your basement, now is the time to take advantage of your situation. Alternately, here are a few substitutions that will assist you in creating treats that even Gottlieb would like.

Most Effective Corn Syrup Substitutes

For Candy Making

Even though most candy recipes depend on cane sugar for sweetness, you’ll frequently see a teaspoon or two of corn syrup added to the recipe. As the candy cools, the solution gets supersaturated and begins to crystallize, which is dangerous.

If just a few crystals develop on one or both sides of the pan, their pattern will spread throughout the solution like cat content on your auntie’s Instagram and degrade your sweets with a sandy feel. if you intent to change the crystal formation with molecules of varied sizes formed in liquid then these issue wont arise.

Because of the glucose in corn syrup, hard candy, caramel, and chocolate glaze remain smooth, and this is the quality we’ll have to imitate when substituting other sweeteners for corn syrup.

Glucose Syrup

Although corn syrup is a kind of glucose syrup, other different starches may Understandably, to be converted to glucose. Glucose syrup derived from crops such as wheat and potatoes is more widespread outside of the United States.


Like contemporary corn syrup, the enzymatic breakdown of complex carbohydrates into simple sugars occurs in the production of honey. However, while corn syrup makes use of enzymes taken from fungal and bacterial sources, nectar is transformed into honey by the process of bees regurgitating it repeatedly.

when we consider the integral components of honey then its vital to know that it comprises of fructose and glucose which is different from normal corn syrup. It also has a good effect on sucrose crystallization, although it has a unique flavor that is difficult to ignore. are you curious to know how long honey last and how to preserve it, then we have answer to your curiosity right here in this post.

how long does honey last

Golden Syrup

Golden syrup and light treacle are both manufactured from “inverted” sugar, which is sucrose that has been broken down into its constituents, glucose, and fructose, before being distilled. They lack the depth of taste that honey has, but that is frequently a good thing when the objective is to provide an inconspicuous alternative for honey.

Birch Syrup

The birch syrup alternative, which is similar to maple syrup but is constituted mostly of glucose and fructose rather than the more complex sucrose, is another effective corn syrup substitute when crystal disruption is desired. birch syrup required almost 3 times the sap required to make it when we compare to normal maple syrup that’s why it is more expensive but it as great taste and flavor.

Date Honey

date honey that comes from date palm is sweet and dark when compared to normal corn syrup. However, as you may have guessed, it is high in the monosaccharides glucose and fructose.

it can used to make sweet desserts and caramel syrup in middle eastern region and some people also use it as replacement for corn syrup in making candies and other different recipes. For best results, substitute in a lower amount than the recipe asks for to prevent an overly sweet outcome.


It is understandable that you would assume that this individual is a butter fanatic who would go to any length in order to impose his extreme ideas on anybody who will listen. You are not entirely incorrect. the fat molecules in butter like sucrose and fructose interfere with the crystallization time of sweets and other items. Make use of this in Alice Medrich’s decadent butter glaze or in her chocolate caramel nut dessert with pecans and caramel.

how long does butter last


Similarly to butter, the fat in cream can efficiently prevent the development of sugar crystals. The two are used in conjunction in the caramel dessert seen above.

Lemon Juice

Here’s another method that you can utilize. Hydrolyzing starches need a significant amount of time, pressure, and potentially hazardous acids, while hydrolyzing (or inverting) sucrose is much simpler. Simply heat the sugar, water, and a squeeze of lemon juice together until the mixture becomes a light golden color, and you’re ready to go.

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Cream of tartar

Cream of tartar, which is a by-product of wine manufacturing, is another acidic chemical that may be used to invert cane sugar into fructose and glucose, respectively. to make a good alternative which can be used as a potential alternative to corn syrup up to certain extent you need to mix cream of tartar along with lemon juice. Know more about substitutes for cream of tartar in a elaborate post on our website.

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Everything Else

There are a variety of different sweeteners that work just as well as corn syrup whether drizzled over waffles or added into cake mixes. One thing to keep in mind is that corn syrup is hygroscopic, which means it both holds and draws moisture, which helps to keep baked products fresher longer and prevent staling.

If you substitute white sugar for brown sugar, for example, you may discover that your completed product has a lower shelf life than before.

Maple Syrup

It’s prohibitively expensive, which is why your neighborhood café is likely to offer its pancakes using corn syrup. However, there isn’t much of a similarity. it is known that dark variety of maple syrup is silky, rich and more intense than lighter colored liquid.

In most cases, corn-based imitations are gloopy, garishly flavored, and sickeningly sweet. If you’re preparing candy, avoid substituting maple syrup for corn syrup since maple syrup is mostly constituted of sucrose. Instead, make some maple candy.

A one-to-one substitution for corn syrup can be made with our favorite pancake topping in the majority of recipes (but not candy making). Just bear in mind that maple syrup has a distinct, earthy taste that you may not like.

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Brown Sugar

brown sugar seems to be one of the good alternative for people who want healthy eating option in their diet. you can mix 1.5 cups of brown sugar with 3/4 cups of water for making this alternative for corn syrup to use in recipe of our choice. you can boil this syrup of brown sugar till shows light color in syrup solution and then use it when you don’t have corn syrup in recipes of your choice.

Similar to granulated sugar, baked items that are created using brown sugar rather than maple syrup will typically taste and texture better than those that are made with regular sugar. Cunningham writes in her book that brown sugar includes up to 10 percent molasses, which means that these baked products may have a “richer” taste than other baked goods (page 802).

Using brown sugar instead of syrup for producing candy is not recommended, according to Cunningham, since it includes a high moisture content that is difficult to counter. It is observed that if you make candies using brown sugar than they will have gritty texture and sometimes may turn mushy once they cools off.

Small bowl of brown sugar

Agave nectar

The quantity of agave nectar to be used in a dish should be half the amount of light corn syrup called for in the recipe. The Kitchn suggests that you add up to one-third of a cup of liquid to the agave nectar before integrating it into the dish in question for best results.

Agave nectar performs best when substituted in recipes that do not necessitate a high degree of precision — and as a result, it is unlikely to produce satisfactory results when used in the production of confectionery products. According to

All About Agave, agave nectar may be substituted for corn syrup while baking, although oven temperatures should be reduced by about 25 degrees to avoid premature browning or burning. Checkout our collection of agave nectar substitutes for making tasty recipes even in its absence.

substitute for agave nectar

Brown Rice Syrup

In the case of candy recipes that must be baked until they reach the hard-ball stage, brown rice syrup is an excellent alternative for corn syrup. This sticky combination has the same chemical qualities as corn syrup and will resist crystallization if it is kept at room temperature. It does, however, have a little nutty taste, which may not be suitable for all dishes in this category (or hey, it might work even better).

Sugar Cane Syrup

This buttery syrup, which is a pantry staple in the United Kingdom, maybe replaced one-to-one for corn syrup and can also be used in the production of confectionery.

sugarcane juice syrup

Cane Syrup

This popular Southern ingredient has a flavor that is similar to molasses and can be used in place of corn syrup in the same proportions. However, as previously stated, this alternative will not work in candy recipes since it will not prevent crystallization.

FAQs for corn syrup

Is there a substitute for corn syrup in baking?

Furthermore, maize syrup and honey are acceptable substitutes for sugar (meaning you can substitute 1 cup honey for 1 cup corn syrup). Honey, like sugar, however, has the potential to crystallize, making it an inappropriate component for the production of caramel or candy. However, if you don’t mind the particular flavor that it imparts to the finished dish, you may include it in other recipes as well.

Is there a substitute for corn syrup in the icing?

Honey is somewhat sweeter than corn syrup, but it may be used in place of corn syrup in most recipes. it will give you good taste and yellow color to the icing which will make it look good and somewhat similar to original corn syrup easily.

Can honey substitute for Corn syrup?

yes honey can be used as a god substitute for corn syrup. you can use equal amount of honey or little less than corn syrup to replace corn syrup for good taste. as its more sweet when compared to corn syrup However, honey, like sugar, will not prevent crystallization, so it is not the greatest option for caramel or candy manufacturing. However, it may be used in other recipes if you don’t mind the unique taste it imparts to the finished product. Honey can be used to make many desserts and sweet condensed milk also.

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